Friday, 13 November 2009

Ine Lamers

Ine Lamers
how many times can one repeat the same thing, 2009

work in progress DVD, 6.55 min

courtesy Ron Mandos Galerie, Amsterdam, NL

Ine Lamers’ video piece How many times can one repeat the same thing, 2009 is a work in progress and firstly exhibited in Skopje. The piece evolves around a youngster who is trying to pronounce the sentences that are spoken to him in English. The sentences or the script is taken from the work of Saskia de Jong, a Dutch poet. The sentences are particular, interpretative sentences inspired by Lamers’ earlier film Ustala (2008) (shot in Tolyatti and based on improvisation). The initial idea for How many times can one repeat the same thing, was actually to compose a soundtrack for Ustala, which would echo a position between viewer, actor, and author. In collaboration with the poet, Lamers compiled the improvisation sentences of the actors of Ustala. In the process of continuous translation from Russian to English and from English back to Russian another language emerged which was no longer one or the other. De Jong brought together these hybrid sentences and wrote additional sentences reserving the same style and tone, and added some sentences from a poem that actors memorised, aiming to address the notion of failing to communicate, or of speaking without saying anything... Hence the script in the video piece is a poetic collage that addresses non-communication in the condition of producing sounds of familiarity.

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