Friday, 13 November 2009

Runo Lagomarsino

Runo Lagomarsino

The G in Modernity stands forGhosts, 2009

HD transferred to DVD, 5,19 min

Runo Lagomarsino’s video piece The G in Modernity stands for Ghosts, 2009 is a film without sound. In the piece we see a small box filled with paper that is set on fire. As we watch the box burning slowly and producing smoke we are not informed on the content that is being destroyed. We witness a small gesture of destruction without knowing the cause or the source. The cardboard box is filled with crumbled pages from a world atlas. The gesture of burning an apparatus of orientation posits beyond its act. That is to say, the set of rules of understanding, relating, associating with the world around us is set on fire in order to empty space for other possibilities of perception to take place. Lagomarsino additionally points out that: ‘The title is an important aspect in the video which informs the audience in my interest in the discussion of the re-narration of modernity, which is seeing it from an other angle/position. For me this angle has been very much connected to the construction of Latin America, and the power relation between there and the ‘western world’, but looking through some discussions and exhibitions with people like WHW and the Antonia (Majaca) and Ivana (Bago) at the Galerija Miroslav Kraljevic .(I say this from a total amateur point of view), there are a similar interest and discussion of reformulations of modernity, So there is this construction/deconstruction and struggle about the "poles" of east-west and north-south...which in some ways are very similar but also totally different.’

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