Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Thursday midnight

About the issue of de- localization I am thinking currently all the time in relation to language, since I am finishing a work for the exhibition dealing with that. It is on a very intuitive level and not so intellectual or theoretical that i think of the language as a territory , as a ground, as a base charged with its own morality, its own ideology, its own premises and power symbols.
The delocalisation sets in motion when we appropriate ( another foreign) language. leaving the mother tongue , moving, transforming slightly the body, the patterns of movement of the specific voice and speech instrumentation.
I m fascinated by the aura that languages have, symbolic power,taste and how they can be embodied or in other cases - even while being spoken out- very disembodied as if all the signifying features/expressive character of words have been drowned out ; this occurs when one who speaks has no idea of the meaning, nor of any social nor moral implications which are encoded( inherently apparant) in what s/he says. I am sure I cannot now make myself as clear as I would wish since English is not my native language . Still though domesticating it I try to express some notions on the appropriation of a foreign language ; where I think about the state of being inbetween languages, or being in neither language as a state analogue to being de- local- ised.

Delocalised as state that we wish to be in , a state of desire, a place to activate, I like to write a little more. I will tomorrow.

sleep all well, it is 1.49 here now.

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