Friday, 13 November 2009

Claire Fontaine

Claire Fontaine

Untitled, (We are all whatever singularities), 2006

Five hundred A4 photocopy with carrier, free copyright.

Courtesy the artist and Reena Spaulings Fine Art, New York

Claire Fontaine, participates with a work she has produced in 2006. Untitled (We are whatever singularities), 2006 is a text piece which depicts Agamben’s notion of whatever singularity and reflects on the dense nature of love and its particularity of being closely related to future with its roots in the past. The piece, is a text printed on an A4 paper and available for take away is about the encounter of the audience taking a copy from the pile of 500 copies and reading in the present moment of holding the paper. The articulation of the relationship of global governments and the personal matter is a statement from ‘a’ whatever singularity who reflects on a ‘we’: a collective that is ‘equally lovable and terrifying’ among other features being ‘prisoners in the meshwork of power, waiting for an insurrection that allows change’. The piece, for the exhibition, is composed of two sides where it appears in English and in Macedonian.

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